Swire Seabed and WeSubsea cooperate to develop a groundbreaking innovation in seabed intervention technology.

Swire Seabed and WeSubsea have on 17th December 2013 signed a partnership agreement for the provision of dredging and seabed intervention services. The expertise held by the two companies is complementary.

Øystein Solli, CEO of WeSubsea (left), Arvid Pettersen, CEO of Swire Seabed (right)
Øystein Solli, CEO of WeSubsea (left), Arvid Pettersen, CEO of Swire Seabed (right)

Swire Seabed’s subsea excavator interfaced with WeSubsea’s unique dredging technology produces the safest and most powerful system of its kind, deployed from an active heave compensated and dedicated launch and recovery system (LARS). The Kongsberg Evotec supplied LARS system contributes to the subsea excavator’s operability in up to 4 metres wave height, and capacity to work at depths down to 3,500 metres. No vessel crane is required for operation of the system.

The subsea excavator’s versatility is enhanced by off-terrain tracks, making it well positioned to perform work scopes on uneven surfaces. The subsea excavator system requires a deck area of only 100 m2, by having its own dedicated LARS system, ensuring no additional deck area is required for landing of the subsea excavator.

The high safety and technological standards of the subsea excavator system and professional track records of WeSubsea and Swire Seabed ensures delivery of a solution to meet the demanding requirements of today’s subsea dredging sector.

WeSubsea is established in Aberdeen and Kristiansund.

Swire Seabed is established in Bergen and Baku (Azerbaijan). Swire Seabed’s parent company, Swire Pacific Offshore, has a network of over 20 offices on 5 continents, ensuring global reach for this partnership.

For more information contact:

Swire Seabed
Arvid Pettersen,
+47 907 93 494

Øystein Solli,
+47 906 69 049