Tool Changer

The J2 ROV operated tool changer has significant benefits and is designed to revolutionize the way tools are used subsea, giving operational cost savings.

The tool changer allows the ROV to select and connect with a subsea tool and simultaneously connect up to four hydraulic lines for power and control of the tool without compromising the ROV hydraulic system. The concept was conceived by J2 Subsea, Aberdeen and Walther Prazision through innovative design and manufacturing technique. They took the concept through to a fully developed product to meet the design requirements. A comprehensive testing and qualification program was then under taken including hyperbaric testing by Walther and J2 to ensure the connector met all aspects of the original design specification and was robust enough to give reliable service in its intended environment. Through close collaboration between J2 and Walther this has been fully achieved and the flexibility of the final design gives further opportunities for development

  • 5000 meter depth-rated
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to mate and de-mate