50T Multipurpose Lifting Beam

THE 50T MULTIPURPOSE LIFTING BEAM is designed for use in lifting operations offshore and subsea, and approved according to DNV 2.7-3 R30 for this purpose. It has several shackles and locks for attaching lifting slings. The locks can be operated by ROV, subsea, for remote release of payload.

Our unique and versatile lifting beam can be used for a range of applications, anything from 50T heavy lifts to spot placement/dumping of multiple gravel bags. The beams size and design allows easy access to difficult areas.

The beam is also designed to perform a two-point lift up to 50 tons.

• Designed for the installation of Filter Units, concrete mattresses and more
• Quick mobilisation
• Easy to rig up
• No depth limitations (Same as the vessel crane.)
• Easy operation
• No use of technician needed
• Max Gross: 56000kg
• Payload: 50000kg
• Tare: 6000kg

Project References:

”It reduces vessel time offshore being able to install several big bags in one lift. Especially if the big bags/ filter units are to be installed in line; GRP cover ballasting or pipeline protection.”

”We managed to install most of the units in an extremely efficient and timely manner. The opening of the units with the beam worked extremely well.”