Wesubsea focus on delivering our clients a safe and reliable product that superior performance has been well proven in the harsh oshore environment. Our experience in working with technology that meets our client’s demands has allowed us to diversify and bring our knowledge into other areas of the oshore market.

As our client’s needs evolve; we will evolve with them. Using our network and cooperation with J2 Subsea, WeSubsea will keep one step ahead of our competitors when it comes to initiative and design.

Our team consists of skilled specialists with years of hands on experience within the following fields:

  • Diving industry
  • ROV manufacturing
  • ROV operations
  • Intervention tooling
  • Engineering and construction
  • Heavy fabrication
  • Subsea support
  • Subsea dredging and excavation

Our goals as a combined entity are to continue to provide:

  • An unparalleled and unrivalled suite of subsea ROV tooling products
  • Bespoke design and high manufacturing quality as standard
  • The highest level of customer service and support in the industry
  • Search for combine tooling and products solutions worldwide