Pile Dredging

WeSubsea have extensive knowledge and experience in sediment handling and dredger technology. Our award winning equipment have been successfully performing in the field since 2010. Our extensive track record includes successfully completing several pile dredging project with varying soil conditions at water depths of more than 1km.

The soil condition can vary from location to location and be the biggest challenge of soil plug removal. WeSubsea understand this and focuses on the soil conditions when planning each project. Through analyzing soil conditions and the power required we are able to supply a solution for each specific project.
We have a existence range of highly efficient dredging equipment for most situations allowing quick and easy mobilisation at very short notice.

We truly believe it is not about attacking the problem with the same big old heavy equipment but instead looking at each situation and aiming for the smart and cost effective solution. Giving the highest possible chance of a successful project.

We truly believe that we have taken the next step forward in soil plug removal and are able to offer our customers a unique and tailored solution.

“Everything worked great. All said it was an outstanding piece of tool and WeSubsea did a great job. We have no complaints”