Our dredgers are the most efficient on the market.
Being mainly made of titanium they are lightweight and very robust.

WeSubsea dredging systems are very flexible. As we manufacture the equipment on-site, it can easily be configured to suit the needs of any project. The dredgers are easily operated by either divers or ROVs. It has also been important to us to make each dredger with as few parts as possible, to increase operational dependability.

The WeSubsea titanium ROV dredger is developed in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Technology, NTNU.

Our dredger has been developed especially to help the customer save time during operations.

Standard Features

  • Designed to move different types of sediment on the seabed
  • Can connect and disconnect easily subsea by using HotStab
  • Operated by the ROV’s hydraulics.


Multiple Purpose Solution

Our dredgers are the solution for a wide range of services to the subsea sector, such as:

  • Deep-water dredging
  • Debris removal
  • Rock dump and drill cut removal
  • Pipeline deburial
  • Excavation
  • Environmental work