WeSubsea is a young and award-winning subsea service company located in Kristiansund, the oil capital of Mid-Norway. We were established in 2010 and operate worldwide.

We specialize in subsea dredging. In addition to marked leading dredges we also provide selected subsea tools.

WeSubsea have an excellent knowledge of the offshore market and underwater technology which allows us to easily familiarise ourselves with our customer’s needs. By means of analysis and advice in consultation with the client, WeSubsea can develop customised solutions. How do we achieve a unique combination of products and services that best meet our customer needs? Our products are uniquely designed to save vessel time, to be robust, to provide excellent technical solutions and of course to reduce the risk of injury to personnel and damage to equipment. If we do not have what a customer needs we will endeavour to quickly provide a solution that ensures continuity and customer satisfaction! 

Time is an important factor in all offshore oil and gas installations. Our technology is therefore carefully designed for both quick mobilisation and reliable operation. We have got a constant focus on quality and flexibility. Our dredging systems are extremely flexible and can easily be configured to suit your project’s needs.